Kinnari Saraiya, born in Bombay, India, addresses contemporary discourses of the imperial past. Her grandfather has seen the final days of the British Raj to the early days of Indian independence and the post-colonial effects of it today. Her art practice, inspired by the stories engrained in her being, narrates the silences in history. She explores the absence of presence through sculpture, mixed media drawings and digital gif animations. She gives voice to the architectural landscape that is regarded as a silent witness of the British Raj and transforms it through contemporary techniques like laser-cutting and moulding. Further decolonising materiality in contemporary art, she hero’s chilli powder in her work to reflect domesticity and a sense of home through a spice that is vibrantly red and hot, symbolising violence. These, coming together as a cautionary tale, contemplates the duality of creation and destruction, past and present. While the voice is faded and neglected in their existence in the landscape, her responses allow space for reflection and speculation.

She received her BFA with honours from Arts University Bournemouth in 2020, where she was awarded the Dean’s Prize for excellence in creativity for her recent project ‘Victoria Terminus’. The same project won the runners up prize at An Indian Festival 2020 and was shortlisted for the New Emergence Art: Unity Award in 2020.

She has exhibited in solo shows both, nationally and internationally, the British Pavilion’s basement at the Venice Biennale being one of them. Some of her notable group shows were held at London Metropolitan University in collaboration with the British Council (2020), Doug Adams Gallery in California (2020), Fort Mason Centre for Arts and Culture in San Francisco (2017), L.S Raheja School of Art in Bombay (2016) and many more. Her upcoming show in collaboration with Chaos Magic Space and D-Unit is due to open in 2021.


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