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 TARANG / तरंग (2022 onwards)

Wave, Ripple

Tārāng is a multi-disciplinary interactive virtual and physical world that explores vocabularies of communication that exist beyond the spoken word. These vocabularies are embodied and transmitted in the knots of banyan tree roots, in the etched evocations on stone, in the bodies of dancers, in the sound of the string.


By integrating technology, traditional art forms, and immersive storytelling in a multi-dimensional artwork, Tārāng invites visitors to transcend the boundaries of the concrete world and explore the interconnectedness of other cultural and sensory dimensions. It foregrounds biomechanical and transmedia storytelling as the original technology upon which cosmovisions were stored, offering a path by which people can step into other worlds.

Exploring formats of non-linear and sensorial storytelling that binds the virtual and the actual in a complex circuit, Tarang is a series of short films and games set in a virtual world around an imagined race of people combining stories of contemporary Indian tribes and mythology. The works centre non-linguistic vocabularies of classical and folk dance to convey their daily practices and observations, such as dreaming, rituals for cycles of the moon, walking on a tightrope etc.

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