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Victoria Terminus (2020)

Sculptural replica of a plinth in Bombay which once held the statue of Queen Victoria, the Empress of India. Now, the plinth is free. Free of the weight of her feet, warships, brutalities and suffering. The legend goes on to say that the sculpture was stolen, broken in pieces and sold on the black market. Who's searching?

The act of removal, the vacuum, is a space of active protest. 


The East India Company was established for the exploitation of trade with India of spices in the late 1500s. What started as trading opportunity between two countries turned into a full administrative control of territories by the Crown that later came to be known as The British Raj. The history of spices is a history of lands discovered, empires built and brought down, wars won and lost, treaties signed and flouted, and flavours sought and offered. Spices brought the British to India. 


Jesmonite and Chilli Powder
130 x 60 x 30 cm

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