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Reflective Mausoleum 

40x40cm cube 

White and transparent acrylic sheets 


Focusing on the changes brought to India during the colonial time, this piece enlightens the existence of architectural symbolism before and after the colonial rule. 

I made this installation piece that is inspired by the Taj Mahal, built well before the colonial rule, keeping Mughal architectural qualities in mind. Taking symbolism straight out of a masterpiece and using it to create something just as dynamic and powerful is never an easy task. The Taj Mahal has a square base that symbolises Earth, the mausoleum has an octagonal base representing Paradise and it is topped with a dome pointing to the sky, meaning ‘From Earth to Paradise’. Stepping into the Taj Mahal is like experiencing paradise, and I wanted to create such an aura around my piece.


Taking inspiration from every intricate detail of the interior of the mausoleum I designed panels that was eventually assembled into a cube. Every aspect of architectural symbolism used in the making of the monument is carefully considered in the making of the cube.  It was placed in an entirely black room that had a tiny entrance for people to walk in, a light source was then placed inside the cube, projecting the designs all over the room and the viewer, making them a part of the piece. 

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