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'Than Waving Me Farewell' 

In response to an abandoned house in Sandbanks, United Kingdom

Site-Specific Sculpture

2 panels of 55cm x 55cm each

Panel 1  (top): MDF, Acrylic, casting resin and sheet resin

Panel 2 (bottom): Bio-plastic, acrylic and broken wooden piece retrieved from the house

This project is a site-specific response to an abandoned house I stumbled upon while searching for exhibition locations. It turned out to be an exciting project given the circumstances of the house. This abandoned house, ruined to its bare bones with leaves growing through the roof and wet mud sinking in the floor boards, stands amongst some of the most prestigious houses in South England. 

Aftermath; the impact of a different culture on a pre-existing culture and their nature of hybridity as lived now is symbolic in the abandon-ness of the house and the rotten interior that nature is taking over through leaves and roots. In response, this project was inspired by adding life to the existent and showing the two contrasting stages, deteriorating and growing through passage of time. 


Conceptual to the untouched history of the house that seeps through the hybrid nature of the present, two panels are installed in the house, as if it were a part of the house, claiming the space as well as disrupting it. One panel is made up of non-biodegradable materials symbolising the unvarnished history unaffected by the present nature of the house and the other is made up of biodegradable materials like bio-plastic that the house will take over and degrade over time, symbolising the hybrid nature as of today. 

This work will forever exist in the house and will reap the fate of the house, be it destruction. 

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